Monday, 1 December 2014

Keep Your Auto New With Paint Protection Films

Paint Protection Film (PPF) often known as clear bra, is usually applied on the different parts of an auto in order to protect the paint from various elements.  Be it trucks, motorcycles or RVs, people can use paint protection film for cars also because of their highly resistance of heat and water. As a result PPF serves as the solution against the scratches, bug abrasions, rock chips, etc.

If we look at the history of PPF then, we will find that PPFs were introduced mainly for military use. They used to protect the blades of choppers. But now, with the use various advanced technologies they can be used to protect various valuables such as mobiles, televisions, refrigerators, vehicles etc.
These days, the use of PPFs is becoming very common moreover, it have become the basic need from a maintenance point of view. Thus, it is foremost to choose a vendor wisely otherwise you may have to compromise with the appearance of your auto.

Some feature of high quality PPF are given below:

•    Durable: High qualities PPFs are usually durable in nature which also protects the paint of an auto for a long time.

•    Easy to install: Besides offering sweat free installation, these PPFs are also easy to remove which do not affect the color of the paint after their removal.

•    Heat and water resistant: These PPFs are heat and water resistant and therefore, they offer an ease while washing and cleaning of the auto.

•    Invisible and highly gloss: Highly gloss in nature, these PPFs are invisible in nature therefore, they can also be installed on the lights on a vehicle.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Why To Install The Paint Protection Films Onto Cars

In this modern world, a car is considered as a symbol which signifies the class and status in the society. And thus, we all want our cars to be the best of them. You must have heard people advising each other repairing and servicing of the cars but have you ever heard advising them to protect the cars’ paint. No or may be very rare.

No doubt, the look of the cars undoubtedly matter a lot and therefore we should take a step to protect their paint. Clear Bra Installation is one of the ways to do so. It is actually a film that protects the paint from external elements that can damage the paint such as extreme heat, dust and bugs etc.

People usually install these paint protection films onto the front surface including entire hood, mirror backs, fenders and rock panels of the cars. These films not only protect the cars’ paint but also let the paint to last long for many years. Following are the features of paint protection films:

•    High Quality with Invisible Gloss
•    Simple to Remove
•    Robust and Long lasting
•    Heat and Water Resistant
•    Easy to Wash, Clear and wax
•    Sweat Free installation

You will find many vendors around you who can install these paint protection films. Moreover, you can search such companies over the internet as many websites offer such services. Given are the three types of packages that can be offered by these companies:

•    Full Coverage
•    Standard Coverage
•    Optional Package